Welcome! I'm Liz Clifton, here to Help and Support You through Your Unique Self Transformation as You...

💙 Relax, Re-Balance and Re-Energise Yourself and Build Your own Fresh Foundation of Clear, Calm, Connected Confidence.

💙Release Your old stress, burnout, old frustration, old hurt, old procrastination and old overwhelm Easily, Effortlessly and Quickly.

💙 Build Your Clear Focussed Goals Quickly with the Communication, Connection and Life Leadership skills to Start Achieving them All.

Now it's your time to breakthrough and get unstuck across all areas of your life starting right here...

💎 Rehabilitating our 1st Romanian rescue dog Zara was magnificent and together we found our authentic voice (bark) and clear calm connected confidence.

💙 Family Dog Connection Ltd and take34u™ were born to support you to do the same as easily and quickly as possible.

💎 My mission is to Empower at least 3 million individuals to Create the Clear, Calm, Connected Confidence to Choose to Be themselves with Anyone, Anywhere at Any time and take at least 3 mins daily self care.

💙 And I can't wait to help You now through deep personal 1:1 life coaching, bespoke transformational experiences, leadership mentoring, live group support and Reiki trainings as you take34u!

Thank you for my wonderful client's fabulous reviews I am so grateful for you all, with so much gratitude, Liz xx

"I’m recommending Liz to everyone I know - she’s the best ❤️"

"Liz has an lovely ability to make people feel seen and heard."

"Liz was an incredible coach. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that’s looking for help with their personal development."

Stephie Guy

Transformational Calmness Trainer for Sensitive Dogs

From the moment I started working with Liz I have felt calmer and more in control of my life. In the very first session Liz helped me to understand my frustration and then gave me 2 strategies for changing how I felt. In our second session she helped me to structure my daily tasks, to celebrate my achievements, and showed me a way to protect myself from taking on everyone else’s emotions whilst still being able to feel and to give to others. I’m recommending Liz to everyone I know - she’s the best ❤️ I am still still feeling the benefits of those few days is absolutely amazing if you've not done it yet... do it do the three day thing is amazing. I made so much progress.

Sasha Louise Smith

Business Coach

Liz has an lovely ability to make people feel seen and heard. To help you to pause and take a breath in a busy day and have some time for you. No matter who you are you will be met with love, compassion and acceptance as you are guided to look at what it is you need in order to feel peaceful and in balance.

Dr Bridget Kirsop

NLP Master Trainer Former GP

Liz is an amazing coach. She had been on my courses and I asked her to do some distance Reiki for my Trainers Training and Master Practitioner course. It was totally amazing. We all felt really calm and destressed following it - I would highly recommend Liz for coaching and Reiki. She also helped us to do a visualisation of our ideal client using the energy we hold within ourself on the Time Line Therapy course. Liz is an excellent NLP Practitioner. She focuses on the patterns and has a lovely manner when working with clients.

Sidney Giovanni Soares

NLP Practitioner & Coach

Liz was an incredible coach. She helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and outgrow my old habits! Liz has a warm, positive energy that makes it easy for you to be comfortable in a coaching environment. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that’s looking for help with their personal development.

Sheila Gray

Business Consultant

"I have a shout out! I did a Self Limiting Belief Session with Liz Clifton today and it was INCREDIBLE!! Liz is so amazing! My session with her was incredible. She’s so calming, kind and just present with you as she helps you visualize things differently. I feel ready to step into Gods calling for my purpose like never before!! If you’re feeling stuck in any way… you need her! Thank you Liz!!."

Steph Lau

Social Impact Artist,
Reiki & Mindfulness Coach

"I was able to go over the different parts of my past experiences with a little bit more of a distance, but a very like safe, distance and perspective where I didn't feel like I had to worry about being, you know, triggered or that I was like going to deep because I think that, yeah, I just always felt safe. And that, you know, when you were there and you brought so much love and joy and excitement that it just made me want to keep going. And I just wanted to yeah, just be there, be present and really honour that, that experience I had with Liz and with my past. And it just, it just felt really easy and effortless. and yeah, I'm really grateful for the experience. Because ever since then, I've just really felt this ease."

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Liz Clifton Clear Calm Connected Confidence Life Coach, Leadership Mentor, Founder of take34u™
Master NLP Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnosis Practitioner with ANLP, Master Time Line Therapy® Practitioner with ABH,  Master Reiki and Animal Reiki Teacher Trainer with Reiki Federation, Inspirational Speaker, Featured in Medium & Authority Magazine