How I got to be teaching Calm Confidence Breakthroughs Today

This post will reveal how I got to be teaching Calm Confidence Breakthroughs as a Master Coach today.

After yesterday's blog about 15 things you never knew about Confidence Coaching you may be interested in how I got to teaching Confidence. My path to become a Confidence Coach began at an early age. Apparently as a toddler I would wander up and down the bus talking to everyone. Happily sharing my toothless little grin to connect and inspire smiles from my fellow passengers. Years on when faced with a fearful Romanian rescue dog I was thrilled to have my deep connection skills to draw on again. And I'm also extremely grateful for your connection with me here now.

Back in 2019 we adopted our first Romanian rescue dog. On arriving home and attempting to get her out of her crate we realised just how big a challenge we had taken on. She was absolutely petrified of people. At this time I had just completed an extremely stressful couple of years moving through a family court custody issue. An eventful and upsetting completion of a dysfunctional 15 year relationship. I ended up volunteering to be the weekend parent for my middle two girls, to minimise stress for them. We then lost our rental home. Then myself, my eldest and my new partner relocated to Wales and started again. I was devastated. All my life I had tried to avoid giving my own children a stressful start in life. So I felt like a total failure. My personal confidence was at an all time low.

Through supporting and rehabilitating Zara our rescue pup I slowly began to rebuild my own self confidence. Connecting with her was amazing and opened up my heart and enjoyment in life again. As she grew in confidence so did I. Every tiny step forwards that she took filled me with more gratitude, self belief and self confidence. I was actually able to help her! As this began to sink in I started to look around at my girls and husband. 

Even on my darkest most difficult days when I didn't even want to get out of bed there was a positive. I was still able to support them all. My eldest and I spent a lot of time supporting my third daughter to build her confidence. Together we taught her how to look after herself when there was no one available for her. Plus I was able to support my eldest daughter as she grew into her own confidence and free expression of herself as an individual. After much researching trial and error I successfully supported my partner through addiction. Looking back now it's astounding how much change I led us through. The sheer depth and quantity of development that we were all able to achieve together over those years is breath taking.

I've always been passionate about supporting others and am a kind and attentive listener. Skills that encouraged me to take working roles as Project Co-ordinator, Mentor and Employee Representative. Within these positions I was always volunteering for extra training and completed Change Management trainings to support colleagues in the Council during huge internal transformation. My first Confidence training was in the form of an Assertiveness Day. It was suggested to me by my boss at the time as he felt that I didn't speak out enough. Well what a great introduction into how to speak with confidence in the workplace. Having completed it I proceeded to go into the office the next day and suggest some new processes to my boss openly without worrying about him not listening to me. 

However I still had a great deal of personal experiences that led me to constantly question myself. After supporting Zara I decided to retrain and support others to create their own calm confidence too. Motivated to start learning and living again I jumped into a couple of years of personal Leadership training. My whole life shifted further and rippled out to all those around me. 

Excited by my own experience I began to research what techniques were underneath it. Here I discovered NLP and absolutely loving the speed of transformation that it provides I retrained as a Master NLP Practitioner, Master Coach, Master Hypnosis and Master Timeline Therapy┬«  Practitioner. With my new Leadership, Transformation and Coaching skills I created the 3 day Bespoke Confidence Course. Here to support you to make progress as easily, effortlessly and efficiently. With a fantastic bespoke support experience to move my wonderful clients from overwhelm, stress and burn out to calm, balanced and confident Fast.

It took a lot of time, energy and research for me to move from overwhelmed, exhausted, at rock bottom to calm, balanced, confident and thriving. Today I get to enjoy being me and striving towards my goals, vision and mission. Full of motivation and joy I choose each day to be myself with anyone, anywhere at anytime. As I step towards my vision to empower at least 3 million individuals to create the confidence to choose to be themselves with anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

If you're looking to supercharge your calm, balanced, confidence Fast then take a look at my Calm Confidence 3 Day Breakthrough Experience Here.

With so much gratitude for you exactly as you are right now,

Liz xx

Liz Clifton

Your Calm Confidence Crusader