How to say No to overwhelm and Yes to Yourself!

In this post you will see how it's possible to start saying No to overwhelm and Yes to Yourself instead.

It was 3pm on a Friday. And after a long hard week I was planning to treat myself and leave at 4.


I couldn't wait to see my girls' excited faces at the window.

And hear their bright joyful giggles sing out as I arrived early at nursery to collect them.


"You can get this done by Monday, right? Great! I knew I could rely on you" said my boss firmly. He left absolutely No room for an answer.


Smiling on the outside my eyes filled with warm wet tears. My voice muted with sorrow I simply nodded my head.


He turned and walked away.


Head buried in my hands and resting on my desk, I sank deep, deep down into my chair.


Silently I shouted to myself "Why didn't you just say NO?"


My heart dropped, falling down through to my stomach. 


Iron heavy it fell further.


Finally resting itself, anchored hard and cold to the soles of my feet.


Accepting this extra work, right now, meant a late night for sure. Plus overtime for the weekend too!


"Ahhhh it's not fair!" My inner voice screamed at me.


As my expectations washed away my whole body seemed numb.


Everything I'd looked forward to that evening, that weekend, disappeared.


Now I'd be late instead.


I'd miss cooking for them and chatting as we walked home.


If I was lucky I'd fit in a quick story before bed.


Another night without the fun that I'd promised myself when I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at 6am.


There had to be another way?


How could I just say "No!" when my bosses expectations were unreasonable?


Overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated I began to ponder how?


What was actually within my power to change?



Well, Yes of course there was another way.


In fact we all have the power to say no and make our own choices.


But it took me some long years to realise it.


And I enjoyed many bumps, challenges and barriers along the way.


Once I had rediscovered my confidence it was mine.


Today I get to celebrate it each and every day.


Plus I get to support others to connect deep within themselves and create their own calm confidence too.


The best thing is that you too literally already have your confidence inside you already.


The trouble is that as a human race we have just forgotten how to be ourselves.


We fall easily under the words, thoughts and expectations of others.


To give we don't have to sacrifice ourselves.


To be successful we can look after ourselves first And then lift up others.


When you are exhausted how can you really support others to the best of your ability?


You can't!


So take care of you first.


Then you can support so many others around you


Trust yourself.


And there is your self confidence.


In fact as you draw on your own confidence and set a fabulous example those around you rise anyway.


The ripple effect is strong and carries those who are ready to transform with you.


As a child I loved the musicals Starlight Express and Les Miserables.


Each lighting up the power of the individual.


The inner strength and self confidence that powers people to truly authentically and unapologetically Be ThemSelves.


We all have a unique blend of Life experiences that led us to this moment right here together.


And I know a secret so scooch on in with me now.


You are awesome.


You absolutely have confidence.


Yes honestly you do!


Take a moment now to imagine a young baby.


They are naturally confident.


When they want something they let us know.


They scream until they get it.


Yes they may fall asleep for a little nap to recharge.


But when they wake up they'll let you know they need something again.


Your inner confidence is like a baby.


You can ignore it but it will pop up again and again until you listen.


So take a moment now to imagine how it would be to enjoy that confidence of being a child.


Recall a specific moment in your childhood when you felt completely happy to be you.


Perhaps you were running free, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, climbing, swinging or jumping?


You can be free and express yourself with conviction again.


How will it feel when you can say no to other people's demands?


What will you see when you say Yes to what you want?


What will you hear when you are confident enough to make the choice you really want?


Really lock onto that feeling of complete and utter confidence in your own choice.


You are totally and utterly confident to choose what you want to do.


You are fantastically free to Be You!


Ramp that feeling right up to the maximum and lock it in.


You Can Totally achieve this confidence just like me.


Everyone can.


So remember that no matter what anyone says to you especially your old self doubt.


You are powerful.


You were born powerful.


Life just got in the way.


So take a deep breath and commit to yourself right now to be confident as a baby.


Once you know what you want go create the Confidence to get it.


You've got this.


So go Be You now!


Find yourself a Confidence Coach who will hold you high.


Someone who inspires you to connect with yourself and create your own calm confidence as easily and effortlessly as possible.


With so much gratitude for you exactly as you are right now,

Liz xx

Your Calm Confidence Crusader


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