The Power of Calm Confidence

This post shares the wonderful power of calm confidence with our Romanian street rescue dogs story of stepping out into the unknown...

The power of calm confidence.


Wow what a wonderful calm confidence miracle we enjoyed here today 💖

Our absolutely gorgeous Romanian streetie took a tremendous step forwards.

She was our first Romanian rescue dog and we had no idea just how anxious she was when we collected her.

Now we celebrate as she finally stepped out of the kitchen into the hallway 🐾

This is huuuuuuuuge progress for her.

When we brought her home she was doing absolutely petrified of people.

She spent over 6 months in a shelter here in the UK after being rescued from a k*ll shelter in Romania.

Her time was spent cowering in a dark corner away from everything and everyone.

Only ever creeping out at night to eat, drink and do her business.

After years of patience, calm confidence building and unconditional love we have developed a fantastic bond with her.

She freely moves around with us in the kitchen and enjoys her time with us.

But historically has only ever been happy to be in that one room.

Today is a momentous occasion as she Finally took a mawooooofsive step out into the hallway.

She walked around calmly and slowly.

She sniffed our 5 year old daughter.

She sniffed the stairs.

She sniffed at each closed door.

Then she calmly and confidently walked back into the kitchen and snuggled down onto her cosy vetfleece bed.

I am soooooo proud of her.

Her resilience is astounding and no matter what her past experiences have been she remains loving, open and curious.

And it got me thinking about you treat yourself as you grow and create your own calm confidence.

Are you patient with yourself?

Are you enjoying each and every moment?

Her progress has been all in her own time.

She never rushed.

Today she chose to walk out into the unknown.

She walked calmly and confidentiality testing one footstep at a time.

She made the most of each and every moment sniffing and investigating.

She was curious.

She took her time and investigated the area fully.

Growth and change take time.

Yes there are absolutely ways to speed progress when you want.

And I'm totally and utterly here for you if you're ready to boost your own calm confidence too.

I'm so proud of Zara for all of her progress.

But I'm also glad that I can support you to transform your calm confidence in just 3 days.

Because the truth is that you've waited long enough.

Now's the time to step into your future with happiness, clarity and focus powered by your own calm confidence.

Sourcing you a wonderful rest of your day.

With so much gratitude for you exactly as you are,

Liz xx

Your Calm Confidence Crusader