This is me - Liz Clifton

Get to know me Liz Clifton founder of Family Dog Connection Limited and creator of take34u.

Hi, I’m Liz Clifton and I’m thrilled to meet you here.

As a mum of 4 girls, 2 Romanian rescue dogs, wife, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Life and

Communication Coach and Mentor I have negotiated my way through abuse, family court, divorce, miscarriage, eating disorders, losing my home and supported a close family member with addiction.

Each experience has brought me closer to where I stand today as a Powerful, Loving, Authentic Leader to support you and ease your own journey.

Step back with me to 2002 when during my 4th year at university I discovered that I was pregnant.

As you will understand having thought at 16 that I would never have children due to a huge ovarian cyst this was an insurmountable shock.

In fact, it was so out of my mind that when I visited the doctors it was as suspected gastroenteritis, and I was given some very strong pills to relieve it. Ones that you are definitely not supposed to take if you are pregnant.

Fortunately, my daughter was and still is absolutely healthy. Spending pretty much 24/7 attending to her when she was born my relationship with their Dad faltered. Things never really improved. Parenthood can be exhausting which is understandable.

All of a sudden there is a tiny helpless little person that you get to do everything for. It’s a huge amount of work especially if you are still finding your feet looking after yourself. Add in a job and relationship with the other parent and the task is massive. It’s not something we ever covered at school but boy it should be.

Relationships take effort.

Communication takes energy.

Energy takes planning and care of yourself plus anyone else that you are responsible for.

Fast forward some 12 years and with three girls now aged two, ten & twelve years I am facing utter melt down at home.

Rather than sweeping everything under the carpet, this time with support from my colleagues and Uncles, I finally begin to take my feelings into account too.

Eventually one afternoon I saw my only option as walking out with the three kids and dog. We all bundled into my tiny car and set off.

The universe had other plans and I’ve searched the many silver linings out of each following storm cloud with diligence.

An incredibly long court process began, and my faith, hope and trust were tested and trialled thoroughly.

Culminating, four years ago, in me 20 minutes into my 200 mile car journey, driving back along the M4 from

Family Court in England to our new home in Caerphilly, Wales, UK.

After years of stress and pain following my decision to escape the broken relationship.

I sat in the driver’s seat a shadow of my former self; hidden heavily beneath my decision for our youngest daughter, still a toddler, to live with her Dad as her primary carer.

It was complicated but to put her first I pushed my own maternal feelings aside.

Having always been led by my heart, caring for anyone and anything, to give up the daily walks to and from nursery and later school, the bedtime stories each night was piercing.

As I drove my heart broke a little deeper.

Each song on the radio vibrated with the melancholy of each waterfall sob.

Whilst I knew with all of my being that this was the fairest outcome for everyone it stung ice cold through to my hearts core.

Feeling like a failure I crumbled inside feeling absolutely not good enough empty and exhausted.

With very little income I researched and completed the court paperwork myself.

The system was complex and frightening with demands and threatening letters. In the midst of it all the house we were renting was being sold and I found myself and my eldest facing homelessness.

Luckily, I was able to secure a loan and we packed up and set off to a new beginning together in Wales.

Through adopting our first Romanian rescue dog who escaped two death sentences I learnt just how deep my sorrow and guilt was.

Thinking that I was saving and building her up I actually healed and rebuilt myself too.

She was timid and hiding away from people.

So was I.

She was fearful.

So was I.

She was shut down behaviourally.

So was I.

As she grew in her confidence, she opened my heart.

We grew together in confidence, connection, faith and love.

Living in the moment she taught me the power of now.

Her courage, pure love and trust broke through her fear.

As her fears fell away so did mine.

I began to look also into my own self development and found huge similarities in human and canine psychology.

Slowly we both began to allow support, love and guidance back in. I started reading the Bible again.

Practicing my Reiki.

Massaging and using my aromatherapy oils to relax.

Enjoying myself with indulgences such as a bath with candles and lavender oil.

Taking time to let go and have fun with my all of my girls whenever were together.

Slowly let my emotions flow through me and finally release them.

I saw that emotions are energy in motion.

When I let them flow through me just like contractions they are released.

Washing through my body they sweep in and then out again.

I stopped tensing, hiding, ignoring and holding onto them.

Saying to myself “This too shall pass.”

In a similar way as in my first labour when I said to myself “Each contraction brings the baby closer”.

Reframing this to “Each wave brings my goals closer”.

Today 4 and a half years on from the last of many court orders things are stable. Confident, free, healed and full of energy and drive to support others I am delighted to share my stories with you here.

My guilt has been worked through and now I know that just as everyone in the world is “I am absolutely totally good enough”.

My self-development and leadership training, Reiki and Christian faith has given me a map to my own inner strength.

We all hold the answers that we need inside ourselves and with reflection, support and guidance I have uncovered mine.

With a strong heart full passionate mission to serve and support others I now wake with excitement and gratitude for each day.

My then toddler is now 9 and she is a credit to all that know her. When a couple of years ago her best friend at school passed away, she was able to support and guide her classmates with their grief.

She stood up in the drift of society for love, hope and faith herself.

Describing how they could pray for him and always feel him with them in their hearts, love and memories.

Her strength is pure, loving and connective.

We could all learn from her to love ourselves, give our feelings grace and support others to do the same.

Via self-development coaching, my own research and leadership training I recognized that I am good enough.

I am worthy.

I am a powerful loving authentic leader who has healed themselves first and is now supporting others to do so.

I am able to surrender to my pain and release my emotions as they arise.

I built a support network of wonderful loving leaders that are set upon serving and supporting others.

Plus built my confidence to enable me to ask them for support when I need it.

We are all worthy.

We are all love.

I am honoured to be supporting you on your journey.

With so much love, light & gratitude,

Liz xx