How to Be Calmly and Confidently You!

Calm Confidence

Create the Calm Confidence you enjoyed as a child to Be truly Freely You. 

Bring to mind now a time when you were last happy to be Fully You. 

And imagine just how wonderful it would be to Enjoy that calm confidence again. 

It's time to start building Your Calm Confidence Today...

What is Calm Confidence?

Calm confidence is the freedom to completely be yourself with anyone, anytime and anywhere. You feel free and able to connect openly and honestly with those around you. Your behaviour is natural and you can speak freely.

It's similar to how you were when you were a young child. Before age 3 you would have often been in a natural state of free expression. You could have been creative, singing, playing and enjoying simply being yourself.

Children especially babies are very expressive, open and honest with their feelings. For example babies absolutely express their needs freely and unapologetically:
• When they are hungry they scream.

• When they are tired they scream.

• When they are cold they scream.

Whenever they need something they let us know. And if they don't get it they keep going and usually get louder until their needs are met.  

But as an adult screaming to get what we want can have significant consequences!

So we get to develop our own calm balanced confidence to enable us to enjoy our relationships. Calm confidence supports us to connect to ourselves and others to the best of our ability.

How to Build Calm Confidence Fast

1) Be honest about where your calm confidence is right now and where you want it to be. By setting a clear starting point and goal you will be more likely to take daily action towards it.

2) Practice checking in with yourself to see how you are feeling. You can easily start by asking yourself this question: "What do I need right now?"

3) Whatever comes to mind you get to acknowledge and thank yourself for sharing it. It's important here to seek support if something comes up that you feel is too big to deal with on your own.

*** Reach out to support services for urgent support. * * * 
And of course I'm here too for non urgent support so book your call here. 

4) Adopt the understanding that people are separate to their behaviours. Meaning that if I'm doing tired today, there is me Liz a person and I am doing the behaviour of tired.

I know that it's easy to end up describing yourself with labels such as tired, stressed, overwhelmed. But the truth is that you are all so much more than just one behaviour that you may do.

For myself I am Liz Clifton, and sometimes I may do tiredness as a behaviour but I am definitely separate from it. I am much more than just one of my behaviours.

Your possibilities open up hugely as you step aside from your behaviours and give yourself back the choice to choose how you behave.

5) Begin to believe that you can make whatever changes that you want to make. You can totally and utterly be a tremendously calm confident individual if you choose to.

6) Evaluate the distance between where you are now and where you get to be with your your journey towards being calmly confident. Set yourself clear focussed steps to achieve the progress that you want.

7) Start taking a small step toward the calm confidence that you are aiming for each day. The first points above are a great place to start. And if you are looking to create your calm confidence fast connect with me here and I can support you with your own personal plan.

Embrace your calm confidence today and step into daily joy.

You are so much more than just your behaviour.

Connect to Your Inner Calm

Tranquillity comes from truly being yourself. It can be enjoyed in many different practices such as breathing, meditation, visualisation, prayer, Reiki etc.

And you can absolutely enjoy any of these. Remember they are called practices for a reason as to really connect to your inner calm, inner self, unconscious, still small voice or intuition gets easier the more that you do it.

Your inner calm is the wonderous peace within that fills you with joy. It can be found by taking time to be still and be with yourself. And can start with literally a few seconds.

Find a safe space (close your eyes if you choose to) and breath in for the count of one.

Then breathe out for the count of two. Repeat this until you feel calm. 

Relax, Release and Rebalance Now: 

Click here to get a Free mini meditation and enjoy just under 8 minutes of guided calm.

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Move from stress to calm confidence & motivation

Stress stacks as you move through life. It slowly grows until you suddenly realise that you are carrying a huge amount of stress, anxiety and tension.

It can show up as frustration, overwhelm, emotional outbursts and exhaustion. And you may feel depressed or burnt out.

The first step is to allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. You are amazing exactly as you are right now. Being human you get to experience many different emotions and it's absolutely natural to feel them all.

There are many ways to naturally process your emotions or energy in motion as I refer to it. Essentially you are looking to let them flow through you as easily and effortlessly as you can. You can process them on your own or with others.

Some people find that physically moving around can shift emotions. A fantastic way to try this is to walk out of the room or building or area when you want to move through an emotion.

Another top tip to process emotions such as stress is to dance to a music track:

Step 1) Choose a piece of music that makes you feel a more positive emotion such as relaxed, happy or motivated.

Step 2) Play the music when you feel the negative emotion and move or sing along with it. This will release your emotion and guide you naturally to the positive emotion that the music supports you with.

This is great as emotions only last for 90 seconds. If your emotions last longer then there are probably unresolved emotions from old events that get to be released.

You can release old underlying negative emotions fast through many different disciplines such as Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) and Hypnosis. My personal favourites for Fast, immediate results are NLP and Hypnosis. They both enable you to achieve the results you want as easily, effortlessly and efficiently as possible without having to go into the details of each individual event.

Personally I experienced fantastic results with NLP, Hypnosis, Life and Leadership coaching. Each supporting me to let go of all my historic stress, guilt, frustration, anger, disappointment and sadness. Actually all of the life baggage that had built up and been weighing me down throughout my 40 years of life.

So I decided to retrain and utilise my life experiences, NLP, Life Coaching, Leadership Mentoring, Hypnosis and Reiki to serve and help others. Hence take34u was formed and I can now support you with my take34u bespoke experiences.

When you invest in yourself today you'll start to boost your confidence, communication and connection skills fast. As you release any old negative emotions such as old anger, fear, sadness and limiting beliefs such as I'm not good enough.

You'll set clear specific goals and develop the motivation and balanced focus to achieve them all. Plus you'll leave with wonderful self care skills to support you 360° for the rest of your life. I can't wait to connect and help you as you take34u today.

So when you're ready for support book a call here to get started now.

When you learn to accept yourself as you are you can start to grow.

You too Can absolutely move yourself from doing stress & overwhelm Fast.

By releasing old negative emotions you can create freedom, calm balanced confidence & motivation.

I look forward to connecting and supporting you too as you achieve the life that you want and deserve.

With love and gratitude for you exactly as you are right now, Liz xx  

Reviews and Testimonials

Thank you so much to my wonderful clients for their kind reviews and testimonials below. Click here or on the reviews tab above for more.

"Liz was an incredible coach. She helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and outgrow my old habits! Liz has a warm, positive energy that makes it easy for you to be comfortable in a coaching environment. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that’s looking for help with their personal development.

Sidney Giovanni Soares  NLP Practitioner & Coach

"I am still still feeling the benefits of those few days is absolutely amazing if you've not done it yet... do it do the three day thing is amazing. I made so much progress."

"From the moment I started working with Liz I have felt calmer and more in control of my life. In the very first session Liz helped me to understand my frustration and then gave me 2 strategies for changing how I felt. In our second session she helped me to structure my daily tasks, to celebrate my achievements, and showed me a way to protect myself from taking on everyone else’s emotions whilst still being able to feel and to give to others. I’m recommending Liz to everyone I know - she’s the best ❤️" 

Stephie Guy   Transformational Calmness Trainer for Sensitive Dogs

"Liz is an amazing coach. She had been on my courses and I asked her to do some distance Reiki for my Trainers Training and Master Practitioner course. It was totally amazing. We all felt really calm and destressed following it - I would highly recommend Liz for coaching and Reiki. She also helped us to do a visualisation of our ideal client using the energy we hold within ourself on the Time Line Therapy course. Liz is an excellent NLP Practitioner. She focuses on the patterns and has a lovely manner when working with clients."

Dr Bridget Kirsop NLP Master Trainer Former GP

"In the past where I would like get up caught up in my head or overthink or allow my thoughts to stop me. Now, it's just like, maybe the old pattern might appear for like a second... And I can choose something else. And the choosing something else, isn't like a huge deal anymore. It's just like, just like, you know, combing your hair... It's been like a gift, like a new lease on life in a way... Liz. You're amazing. And I can't wait to keep learning with you. " 

Steph Lau Inspirational Artist, Reiki & Mindfulness Coach