take34u membership: Creating Calm Balanced Confidence

Relaxation Retreats for you (pets welcome too), Workshops & optional 121 Coaching, creating calm balanced confidence & skills.

Welcome to the take34u membership! 

Snuggle up relax, release and rebalance as you enjoy softly guided group relaxation retreats from the comfort of your own home (pets welcome too).
✅ Give yourself the gift of love today with twice monthly Relaxation Retreats, supremely simple self care that you just get to show up for as you build your own calm balanced confidence. 

✅ Wonderful monthly group Workshops to create your calm confidence and move you from surviving to thriving across all areas of your life as you build your own self care and confidence toolkit.

✅ Plus get discounted 121 Coaching and transformation days giving you extra support to:

🟢 Heal from frustration and get unstuck.                      
🟢 Build your own calm balanced focus and motivated life leadership.
🟢 Release negative emotions. 
🟢Free yourself from limiting beliefs, to thrive with motivation, direction and focus.

I can't wait to see you in there as you take34u. Got a question contact me here.

With so much love, light & gratitude for you exactly as you are, Liz xx

Liz Clifton

Helping you Relax, Release, Rebalance and create the Calm Balanced Confidence and Leadership to choose to be Yourself with Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime, get Clear, Focussed and Motivated to Achieve Everything that You Want. 

Confidence & Connection Coach, Leadership Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of take34u, Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner.

 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for Your Wonderful Testimonials 

Sidney Giovanni Soares

NLP Practitioner & Coach

Liz was an incredible coach. She helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and outgrow my old habits! Liz has a warm, positive energy that makes it easy for you to be comfortable in a coaching environment. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that’s looking for help with their personal development.

Dr Bridget Kirsop

NLP Master Trainer Former GP

Liz is an excellent NLP Practitioner. She focuses on the patterns and has a lovely manner when working with clients. 

Sasha Louise Smith

Business Coach

Liz has an lovely ability to make people feel seen and heard. To help you to pause and take a breath in a busy day and have some time for you. No matter who you are you will be met with love, compassion and acceptance as you are guided to look at what it is you need in order to feel peaceful and in balance.

Stephie Guy

Transformational Calmness Trainer for Sensitive Dogs

From the moment I started working with Liz I have felt calmer and more in control of my life. In the very first session Liz helped me to understand my frustration and then gave me 2 strategies for changing how I felt.  
In our second session she helped me to structure my daily tasks, to celebrate my achievements, and showed me a way to protect myself from taking on everyone else’s emotions whilst still being able to feel and to give to others.  
I’m recommending Liz to everyone I know - she’s the best ❤️

All take34u memberships include 2 monthly relaxation retreats & monthly group workshop.

  • take34u membership
  • £57

    per month

    2 Relaxation Retreats (pets welcome too) + 1 Workshop every month

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  • take34u membership + 1 hour monthly 121 coaching
  • £177

    per month

    2 Relaxation Retreats (pets welcome too) + Workshop + 1 hr 121 Coaching every month

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  • take34u membership upfront
  • £577

    per year

    2 Relaxation Retreats (pets welcome too) + Workshop every month

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    take34u + 1 hour monthly 121 coaching upfront
  • £1777

    per year

    take34u Relaxing Retreats (pets welcome too), plus monthly workshop & 1 hour 121 coaching annual upfront

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