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Relax, Release and Rebalance Yourself & Your Animals as Easily and Effortlessly as Possible Your with Monthly Reiki Sessions Shared via Zoom.

Sasha Louise Smith

Business Coach  

Liz has an lovely ability to make people feel seen and heard. To help you to pause and take a breath in a busy day and have some time for you. No matter who you are you will be met with love, compassion and acceptance as you are guided to look at what it is you need in order to feel peaceful and in balance.

Monthly Reiki Relaxation Online Session to enjoy wherever you want

Calming live group Reiki sessions are gentle and on Zoom so you can indulge in them together in the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose to be.

Imagine a feeling of complete calm, notice it wash over your whole body.

Take a deep breath in and feel it flowing in through your nose, circulate through your body and flow easily and effortlessly out through your mouth.

The truth is that stress, anxiety and overwhelm stack like bricks for you and your animal(s).

So treat yourself / your animal(s) to some love, pampering and connection building as you relax, release and rebalance easily and effortlessly.

Join me for one wonderful relaxation together on the first Monday of the month at 8:15pm BST (replays available).

☑️ Relax Release Rebalance with a wonderful Reiki experience all species welcome (our rescue dogs and cats have all enjoyed it).

☑️ Animals can also enjoy the relaxation even if they are in another area of the house. So stay safe and relaxed at all times and follow your instincts.  

☑️ Support yourself with supremely simple self care and donate to our monthly charity (or the charity who referred you) at the same time.

☑️ Charities supported include mental health, rescue dogs, dementia and children's charities.

We can't wait to connect and support you on your Reiki Relaxation journey!

With love, light & gratitude,

Liz, Zara, Hendrix & Jamie pup xxxx

Gina Sierra

Family Photographer

Reiki was my favorite... it was, just so restorative and would get me to a place where I could better face my day, my week, my world, you know, and, and it just really helped, especially once I did get pregnant and I was like, oh my God, it's like, I'm feeling nauseous. And there's like a lot going on and stuff like that. 

You know, whether it was physical or life, you know, craziness, life chaos or whatever it was that was going on in my life that was sort of setting me off balance. The Reiki sessions just completely reset me and I could feel everything coming into alignment. I could feel that energy coming into a place of flow without blockage. I could feel muscles that I didn't realize had been tensing. I could feel them relaxed, which is always a fun experience when you don't realize you're like, I am fully relaxed and then you actually relax. And you're like, oh, now I am relaxed. 

So that was like a repetitive experience every single time where it was just like, no matter how I'm feeling, I know I'm going to feel 10 times better at the end of the session...there was something so intentional and deliberate and calming and soothing about your voice and your energy during those Reiki sessions is like nothing else that I can express. 

It was really just exactly what I needed...I've done other, you know, distance Reiki, I've done distance like guided meditation or other types of similar, you know, strategies or whatever. And there was nothing I felt that would, that really drove me to come back for more like it was working with you. I mean, even though we are thousands of miles apart across the pond, there is still this experience of, I really feel like she is right here. 

And I, and I always feel that way every time I talk with you, I feel like I've seen you in person.

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Liz Clifton

Helping You Create Your Calm Today

You get to deeply connect with yourself as you transform your confidence, life and leadership resources easily, effortlessly and quickly.

Relax yourself with supremely simple self care. Release old anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, fear and limiting beliefs (such as not good enough) fast, as you rebalance across all areas of your life. Create your calm connected confidence and Lovelight Leadership to choose to be yourself with anyone, anywhere at anytime. And develop your own clear, focussed goals,  communication, motivation and skills to go achieve them all! 

Confidence & Connection Coach, Leadership Mentor, Reiki & Animal Reiki Master Teacher Trainer, Founder of take34u, Master Hypnosis, Master NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Member of Reiki Federation, Member of ANLP, No. 1 Bestselling Author, Speaker & Self Care Advocate.