Reiki Level 1: Ultimate Self Care experience (All Levels Available)

Supremely relax, release and rebalance as you step into your Reiki journey. Treat yourself to Reiki 1 the ultimate self care.

Reiki 1 training the ultimate self care

Discover supreme self care with Reiki everyday.

Embrace Reiki's warm loving light as you relax, release and create the expertise to bring yourself into perfect balance and alignment.

  Indulge in an utterly relaxing Reiki Day as you uncover it's history and receive your Reiki attunements.

  Up level your self-care skills with Reiki self treatment routine.

  Share my mini Reiki routine to relax, release and rebalance fast.

✅  Treat yourself to 6 supported daily Reiki practices to master your new skills.

✅ Plus receive 6 months take34u membership to get pampered with twice monthly Relaxation Retreats.

Got a question contact me here. 

I can't wait to see you in there as you take34u.  

With so much love, light & gratitude for you exactly as you are, Liz xx

Liz Clifton

Helping you Transform Your Confidence, Life and Leadership FAST.

Relax, Release old anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, fear and limiting beliefs such as not good enough Fast, as You Rebalance and Create the Calm Confidence and Leadership to Choose to be Yourself with Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime, with Clear, Focussed Goals, the Connection, Communication Skills and Motivation to Go Achieve Them All! 

Confidence & Connection Coach, Leadership Mentor, Reiki & Animal Reiki Master Teacher Trainer, Founder of take34u, Master Hypnosis, Master NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Member of Reiki Federation, Member of ANLP, No. 1 Bestselling Author, Speaker & Self Care Advocate.

Gina Sierra

Family Photographer

Working with Liz has been phenomenal! She has a natural intuition and a gift to serve others. I came with an open heart and an open mind, and Liz was able to work her magic and guide me through each step. Our check-ins and excercises have been an eye opening experience - I have already felt a powerful shift starting to take place in my energy, mindset, and habits. Looking forward to much more!

Sheila Gray

Business Consultant

I have a shout out! I did a Self Limiting Belief Session with Liz Clifton today and it was INCREDIBLE!! She’s so calming, kind and just present with you as she helps you visualize things differently. I feel ready to step into Gods calling for my purpose like never before!! If you’re feeling stuck in any way… you need her! Thank you Liz!!

Sasha Louise Smith

Business Coach

Liz has an lovely ability to make people feel seen and heard. To help you to pause and take a breath in a busy day and have some time for you. No matter who you are you will be met with love, compassion and acceptance as you are guided to look at what it is you need in order to feel peaceful and in balance.