Ultimate take34u Annual Group Support Bonus Bundle

Reiki x 1 + Calm Confidence Coaching x 2 / Month

Course Summary

Treat Yourself to the ultimate take34u bonus group support bundle to supercharge your calm connected confidence, your supremely simple self care and Reiki relaxation.

You get to indulge yourself in three Live group sessions each month at 7pm bst first 3 Mondays of the month including replays:
1 x Reiki Relaxation Session and 2 x Calm Confidence and Personal Development Coaching and Self Care Sessions every month

Liz Clifton

Helping You Create Your Calm Today

You get to deeply connect with yourself as you transform your confidence, life and leadership resources easily, effortlessly and quickly.

Relax yourself with supremely simple self care. Release old anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, fear and limiting beliefs (such as not good enough) fast, as you rebalance across all areas of your life. Create your calm connected confidence and Lovelight Leadership to choose to be yourself with anyone, anywhere at anytime. And develop your own clear, focussed goals,  communication, motivation and skills to go achieve them all! 

Confidence & Connection Coach, Leadership Mentor, Reiki & Animal Reiki Master Teacher Trainer, Founder of take34u, Master Hypnosis, Master NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Member of Reiki Federation, Member of ANLP, No. 1 Bestselling Author, Speaker & Self Care Advocate.

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