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Heather Bertrand & Liz Clifton Interview

Heather Bertrand
The Thyroid Coach and Founder of Hashimoto's & Hypothyroid Wellness Community.

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Heather Bertrand & Liz Clifton Interview Transcription:

Liz Clifton: I am so delighted honoured completely to welcome the wonderful Heather Bertrand The Thyroid Coach. Welcome.  

Heather Bertrand: Thank you. Liz you have so much energy. I love it.  

Liz Clifton: Yo are so welcome. And you too. I love your energy. It's so bright and smiley, like a little ray of sunshine.  

Heather Bertrand: Thank you. Thank you.  

Liz Clifton: You are so welcome. So first question. What does self-care mean to you?  

Heather Bertrand: Oh, wow. Self care, can mean any number of things, right. So self care just means prioritizing yourself. And so depending on the season of life that could look differently. So it could be making sure that you get enough rest. It could be making sure that you eat on time. It could be, making sure that you get to the gym or go for a walk or, you know, sit in the sun. So it's just putting things first that make you feel good. And that make you, operate the best way that you can, in the world every day. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: I love that. And say for you over your self care journey, how has self care changed?  

Heather Bertrand: Oh, wow. well, that's interesting because, you know, when I first started in business. I was trying to name my company and I was like simple steps, wellness and all these different things. And it was almost like the Holy Spirit whispered into me, a well loved body. And I, I couldn't accept it initially because I was like, eh, what does that mean That doesn't mean anything but self care is how we get well, so when I first started, it was just, I needed to eat better. Right. I was, I wasn't eating, like I ate healthy, you know, but I wasn't eating the foods that were healthy for me. And carrying my family along. so self-care initially for me was just eating better. I also wasn't exercising a whole lot, so self-care for me that like I needed to move more.  Heather Bertrand: I needed to exercise more. So I picked up walking, I'd take my kids to the playground and there's a tennis court nearby. And I just walk around that track while they're, you know, the why they played on the, on the, you know, whatever slides or whatever. And I would lift weights, you know, when I'm watching TV or, you know, whatever. So self-care, for me, that's where it started. But I also started to realize that I wasn't doing very much, with sleeping. I didn't sleep because my husband's a night owl. So he stayed up till three, four o'clock in the morning and I wanted to be with him. So I'd stay up too, even though I'd fall asleep on the couch, trying to, you know, be up. But, I had to prioritize just going to bed. Because I just was not functioning well the next day, you know, I don't sleep well.  

Heather Bertrand: Then the next morning I want all the things that are bad for me to sugar, whatever. I'm irritable, I'm snapping at my kids and everyone else making poor decisions because I hadn't prioritized my self-care. So going to bed on time, was something that I had to do. And so now, for me, I'm less focused on my food because it became an obsession, right. It was like, I can't eat this and I can't eat that. And I can't, whatever. So it was just terrible. So I'm left, focused on my food. I now I'm more focused on things like, you know, again, still with the rest, I'm still with the exercise. But also little things like now I use handmade, bath soaps, right. Things that make me feel good. I spend time in the morning, deliberately, you know, taking a bath and applying makeup or just, just doing skin, having a skincare routine.  

Heather Bertrand: I do things like, facials and I, I put nails, do my nails, my girls do my nails. And give myself, you know, pedicures. I take bath and sit in the, you know, the hot tub for ages. I go to the sauna.  Things like that. I wasn't ready for, you know, two years ago, but now I do, these are just things that make me feel good. But they also helped me to detoxify my body. Right. So that's, that's a part of self-care. I do things like NLP apparently, you know. So what we focused on focus on what is true and right in my life. So, that's how self care has changed, you know, in the beginning you just do, what's immediately in front of you. and it just make the next best decision. And I don't know where I'm going to go from here. I mean, there's so much more out there. You know, there's, I, I, I wanted to try cryotherapy and there's like, there's so much more that a person can do, in, in, in a self-care. So that's just how it's changed. And I'm excited to see where, where it goes from here.  

Liz Clifton: Oooooh I love it. Yeah. And there is such a wealth, like a huge abundance of self care that we can do. It's it's really exciting times.  Yeah.  So, thinking back to your very first experience of self-care, what's your first self-care memory that you can share with us?  

Heather Bertrand: You know, it's funny because after I did my whole spiel, just now. I realized I didn't mention that my biggest form of self care, I think, is finding time to be alone.  And doing the things that feed my soul. So I'm a reader. I don't know if you could tell with all the books that are behind me. A small percentage of books that I have in my house, every room was like this, by the way, my husband, poor guy. So, I realized that for me, one, the early one that.  

Liz Clifton: Ooooh you've muted. Don't worry.  

Heather Bertrand: I'm telling you probably my mom calling, right Yeah. Things I used to do from early on is just stealing away, with a book. And I remember, reading like the Nancy Drew series and the Bubsa twins, and I've always loved detective, you know, things and, and to this day, when I, my world is upside down,  Heather Bertrand: Gives me peace, just, you know, finding 10, 15 minutes going into a corner somewhere and just reading a book. It doesn't have to be fiction with anything I just love to read. And so that's my earliest memory. And, it still brings me a lot of peace. And writing, writing, you know, helps to rid the brain of some of the stuff, the anxiety, the worries. And it's not necessarily, like sometimes it's not journaling, I'm not venting, I'm not talking to the Lord, I'm just writing. So even the act of creating a piece of poetry or, or writing a short story, it just, it's just liberating. It just makes, it just lightens me up. And that's one of the things I've done for a long time now. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah I love that. I think it's very cathartic. Is that just writing everything out just releasing.  

Heather Bertrand: Yeah. Just get it out, get it out.  

Liz Clifton: So thinking about yourself and your, own self care how do you celebrate yourself?  

Heather Bertrand: Hmm. Let me tell you, this is hard, right. I didn't celebrate myself until recently. you know, accomplishments are just things that you, you just do. Right. I grew up in a household where it was like, you came home with an a, and it's like, well, what, why not an, a plus. Right. And so, so it, it's just something that you do. So I have found, I remember about a year ago, I'd had a business coach And when I sold my first, high ticket package, she said, okay, well, how are you going to celebrate? You know, you have to buy something from that money to remind you of this first sale. And I was like, that's just crazy. Like, why would I do something like that Why would I, and it took me ages to figure out to buy, because I don't just do stuff for myself. You know, like who does that  Heather Bertrand: It took me forever to figure it out. And eventually I settled on a jigsaw puzzle cause I love jigsaws. But I did a jigsaw puzzle of the, it was the 3d puzzle of the Eiffel tower. And so, yeah, so that was my first foray into celebrating myself. And so now I celebrate little things. Like if I have a to-do list and I've done three of the three things. Or if I've done one of the three things that I have listed is a cause for a cup of tea. Or it's a cause for, you know, extra time reading or whatever it is. So my rewards changed depending on what it is. 

Heather Bertrand: I recently launched a detox and I didn't sell out like I, I wanted to, but I, I sold it. And every time I offer, make an offer, I feel like, well, no, one's going to buy this. Or why should somebody buy this or whatever. And someone bought it, someone bought it well  several, someone's bought the detox. And so I rewarded myself. I celebrated by buying, a rocket.  Heather Bertrand: I'm telling you, it's my mom. It's gotta be my mom. I'm telling you, it's gotta be my mom. So I celebrated by buying a rocket book, which I've wanted for such a long time. So it's not terribly expensive or whatever. It's just, you know, the little things. And when I touch them, it just reminds me of why I have it. Well, this is what happened, then just the martyr in the sun, you know.  Heather Bertrand: Around, well, this is what you've accomplished. This is how far you've come. So, I'm, I'm, I'm looking forward to more ways to celebrate, you know, just simple things. And that builds gratitude, right. So rather than, cause I'm really good at looking at what I haven't done or how far I haven't gone. So rather than doing that, I look at, oh, well, yay. I did this thing today. Or yay look at how far I've come. And so celebration is a big part of that. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: I'm so proud of you.  Yeah.  

Heather Bertrand: Thank you Liz.  

Liz Clifton: Your welcome. And it is like, we get to celebrate those tiny things because it fills us up with joy and every day we get to be joyful.  

Heather Bertrand: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I agree.  

Liz Clifton: Amazing. Okay. So again, thinking back to your own personal self-care, what is your kind of most joyful place that you get to go to It can be real or imaginary?  

Heather Bertrand: Oh, my most joyful place. I don't know. I have two very joyful places. I enjoy standing outside in the sun. I just love standing outside in the sun.  Barefoot in the grass early in the morning. Or even some in the middle of the day when I'm feeling stressed and whatever, I just walk outside and just stand in the sun. I love that, feeling of calm and stillness that comes over me. and the other thing that gives me joy is doing something that I love. So I love sitting around, I told you we have a bunch of puzzles, and a lot of crayons and coloring devices.  And just sitting with my kids and coloring and painting and creating, yeah, those two things just, they're just my best, my happiest places to be. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah. And it's, as you were speaking, I could feel you filling up with joy, just remembering  them, just recalling them.  

Heather Bertrand: Yeah. And I'm looking that's the thing is I want more of those moments, right. So it's, it's so easy to not do those things. So the other day I was organizing and I cleaned out my space with all these crayons and whatever. And I'm embarrassed to say that I have boxes of paint and markers and whatever, and I have so much. And we hardly use them because mommy has to work or mommy has to get on this call or, you know, something along those lines. But what's happened lately is my daughter. The toddler who interrupted us earlier, she wakes up every morning now and right away, she says, mommy, come play with me. And before I would be, you know, resistant and say, I have to go fix breakfast or I have to do, you know, whatever. But, lately I've said, okay, I'm going to indulge this, but I only have 10 minutes. And so I sit on the rug with her and we play with dolls or magnets or whatever it is. And it makes such a difference, you know, my day is better. They are getting quality time with their mom. And it takes care of myself cause that's part of my soul. You know and so those are things that I'm being intentional about, including more play in my day. Yeah. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: Oh I love it, yeah. Joy and play they're beautiful places for people to begin with with their self care.  

Heather Bertrand: Yeah, yeah.  

Liz Clifton: So, if you are going to give someone a piece of advice, they very, very fast coming to self-care what would you suggest they do first of all?  

Heather Bertrand: Hmm.  The first thing I would suggest they do is find time to think about what self care looks like for them. So, for each of us that's different, right. So that person has to decide what makes them happy or what would they like to try. Because, part of what happens with moms and, you know, business owner or chronically ill people. Is you get caught in the survival cycle. And so over time you don't know what you like anymore. Or you don't do the things that you think you like. So you might not even be clear on what would be interested or interesting to you. Because you've not done any such thing in so long. So find the time, you know, prioritize, put on your calendar and say, I'm going to take 10 minutes, 15 minutes today or every day. And that might be too much of a commitment say every other day, 10 minutes and just figure out if I like this thing.  

Heather Bertrand: I read a book recently, I feel like it's called 21. It's like 21 day challenges about, you know, various things. I don't remember the name of the book or the author, but that was such a great idea. All right. So you can just pick one thing. And say, I'm gonna, I'm going to read every day for 10 minutes. I'm gonna, you know, take a walk every day for 10 minutes or every other day for 10 minutes. I am going to choose to eat a meal without being on my phone or watching TV today. That's self-care too right. Just being mindful of what you're putting in your, in your body and feeling that food giving you energy or not. You know, that's, that's self-care. So it just depends on, where they are. and so I would say the very first thing is just to stop.  And listen to yourself and, and, and say, what's the first thing?  

Heather Bertrand: And don't listen to the noise. Cause the people on the interwebs will always say, you know, you need to eat more veggies. Or you need to walk. Or you need to go lift weights. You need to go to the gym, you need to do all these things. But what is it that your body is telling you that it needs right now.  Because that's what, that's what self-care is taking care of yourself right now. if you're a child, I use a lot of challenge now because I have so many children. But if my daughter came in here saying that she were hungry.  I would choose to fix her a meal. I wouldn't say, oh, you're hungry let's go take a bath. That would not, it wouldn't work. It wouldn't reconcile her need for food. So it's the same thing inside of our bodies.  Heather Bertrand: You know, your body is saying it needs rest. And rather than giving it rest, you figure the expert says, you need to be at the gym first thing in the morning. So you get up at five and you sacrifice your sleep and you go to the gym, you drink and loads of coffee to, you know, get fit or whatever. So you have to just listen to what your body, is saying it needs. What your soul is saying it needs. And, and then give it that thing and start small. Don't be a zealot and say, you're going to do this thing every day. And you're going to do an hour's work. It's not going to happen. You're setting yourself up for disappointment, just, you know, start small commit to morsel size, pieces of, of transformation. And over time, you know, the change will come.  

Liz Clifton: That's amazing. Thank you so so much. I'm so grateful for you sharing some of your wisdom and sharing your time with us here.  

Heather Bertrand: Awww thank you so much. It was so good to be here.  

Liz Clifton: Woo amazing. Thank you.  

Heather Bertrand: That's what I said. She does not know how to give up. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: It's family and we love them. God bless them.  

Heather Bertrand: And thankfully I love mine.  

Liz Clifton: Thank you.  

Heather Bertrand: Awesome.