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Jessica Fox & Liz Clifton Interview

Jessica Fox
Is blazing a trail for entrepreneurial moms. You may have caught her on NBC, CBS, FOX, and the CW. She is a master coach, three-time bestselling author and has been interviewed on TED. Jessica has worked with organizations such as the Flames NHL Hockey team, the Stampeders Canadian football team, Subway and Starbucks. Jessica has thousands of hours teaching and training from stage and in intimate settings.  She has helped ambitious moms hit consistent 10 k sales months, go from laid off to signing a six-figure contract within three months, and produce $53,000 in team sales in the first month working together.  Most days you will find her in her comfiest jeans or yoga pants, enjoying good coffee and lost in her never-satisfied book addiction. Originally from Canada, Jessica makes her home in northwest Arkansas, just a few miles from Walmart’s headquarters, with her husband Tyler and their three amazing children.  

Jessica Fox & Liz Clifton Interview Transcription:

Liz Clifton: Hey, and welcome. It is my absolute great honor and pleasure to welcome the amazing Jessica. She is Master Transformational Coach four time best selling author international speaker, and has been featured on CBS, NBC Fox, Ted, and also in the UK and the Telegraph. She is a Canadian girl and she's living in the US. Welcome. Lovely lady.  

Jessica Fox: Thank you. Oh my goodness. All right, let's do this.  

Liz Clifton: Amazing. So what does self-care mean to you?  Jessica Fox: Yeah, so self-care, that's a really interesting question because yeah, previously in my past life self-care was not a thing. And so, you know, when I, when I think about self-care what self-care means to me, it it's about health, it's about health, and it's about understanding that we can absolutely 100% pursue our dreams pursue what makes us that sense of ambition, that sense of going for what we want, but without burning out. And that's really, really key. And that self care when it comes to the aspect of burnout, especially for an entrepreneur, when you're going, going, going self-care is the pivotal key to avoid that sense of burnout and overwhelmed that so many of us face on a regular basis.  

Liz Clifton: I love that. And so when you're thinking about avoiding, sorry, the burnout, when you're checking in with yourself, do you do that on like a daily basis Is that kind of a regular format that you follow with that?  

Jessica Fox: Oh, 100%, you know, if it's okay, you know, before, I was where I am today. you know, I was in the nonprofit sector for actually 10 years and, you know, it was in that season actually, where I was going, going, going, I was your desk girl for everything. and it was really interesting because I would actually like have these moments of self-care booked out in my schedule, but I would always like something would come up and I'd be like, oh, I'm supposed to go, go swim for an hour. I'm just gonna do this instead. And what ended up happening in 2017, I ended up in my doctor's office as my doctor is looking at me and saying, Jessica, if you don't stop going as fast as you are right now, you are never going to recover. And in that moment, she slid this stack of paper across her desk and said, here's all the paperwork you need for disability.  

Jessica Fox: Because as of today, you're no longer working. So here I, at 33 years old being forced to retire due to adrenal fatigue and major depression, which is as we know, burnout, that's the medical definition of burnout. And it took me two years to recover two years and it was as I unpacked what had I was going through, you know, and, and I went through all the stages of, first of all, not being able to get out of bed for over a month to why is this happening to me You know, I'm, I'm a very age, hype driven type of person to surrendering to the fact that I was very, very sick burnout. Medical burnout is, is, is an illness you guys, and it does take time to recover. And so, but it's also, there's also a mental aspect to it as well. And the fact that we need to understand what is driving us to the point of pushing ourselves beyond our limits.  

Jessica Fox: And what I discovered through that season was that it was inherently tied to my identity and my work you see, for me, I was pushing myself beyond my limits to prove myself to prove that I was worthy of the leadership position that I was at to prove that I was a good mom to prove that I was a good white to prove because I was not rooted in who I was in my sense of. I know I knew my sense of purpose and calling that hasn't changed, but I didn't understand that I inherently was good enough that I had been placed in a position of leadership because I did have the skills because I did have, I did. I had everything that I needed. I was really good at my job, but I didn't understand that within myself. And so I kept pushing myself and pushing myself and pushing myself to be better, not understanding that I was good enough as I was in all, in all aspects of my life. And, and when I, when I reflect back in the concept of self care, I realized that I did not value myself enough, nor did I understand the value of rice, right So, because I needed to prove myself, I kept pushing myself to be better. I kept pushing myself beyond my bounds, pushing myself past my limits.  

Jessica Fox: But more than that, I didn't value myself enough to listen to what my body was saying, what my mind was saying, what my heart was saying, what God was saying to slow down. And it's really interesting what I look back in my recovery process. We went camping and I remember sitting there going, I forgot. And I just didn't remember this conversation with my husband, where we're sitting around the campfire. And he was like, I forgot how much I love camping because we had not done anything like that. In probably five years, we had pushed aside play. We had pushed aside in the simple, enjoyable things. We haven't done any of that for years because we were prioritizing work. We were prioritizing all of these things because of this misguided sense of duty and misguided sense of, I need to prove myself. And so, you know, and it took a long, it took, it took a couple of years to unpack what was going on underneath. But I guess what I'm saying in this story is that self care comes out of a place of self respect and understanding things you are worthy just in and of yourself because you are a human being because you have been divinely created because of who you are and who you've been called to be, that is enough and your body and mind have limits to them.  

Jessica Fox: And that rest self self-care is, is this, this pause it's about reinvesting into your own body, mind and spirit in a way that rejuvenates you and smells you up so that you can continue to do the things that you've been called to do. It's it's putting gas in the tank.  

Liz Clifton: That's beautiful. Thank you. Yeah. And thank you for being so open and vulnerable with your own experiences. That's amazing. And as you do that, you open up that platform for anyone who's in that moment right now, right now, feeling burnt out to say, do you know what You're not on your own. It doesn't get to be that way forever. There is hope on the other side of it. And you matter. Yeah. It's yeah. We, we all, like you said, we're all where they will perfect exactly as we are. And we get to remember that and love on ourselves like that. From that point. I love that. So with your day-to-day right now, do you have like a self care routine or do you just kind of check in with yourself as the day goes along?  

Jessica Fox: Do I have a daily routine Yes. Okay. So my daily routine, I actually, it starts in the morning. so one of the things that I teach all of my clients is throughout the day, when you are setting up your time, the me time is the most important part of the day, because you need to be spending time investing in your own self, investing in your growth, investing in yourself, investing in your care and your transformation. And that's actually something that's often missing. And there's different aspects in how we want to be using that meantime. So, you know, you want to have new time that is about the inner inner work and inner transformation where you are, you know, getting quiet, you know, whether you're meditating or praying, whatever that looks like for you, where you're allowing yourself to just connect with the divine, to connect with God. Because when we understand that there's a source greater than ourselves that is going to continue to, to fuel us and allow us to move forward in ways and provide guidance.  

Jessica Fox: And that's really important to take that time in that sense, because it is, it's just that clarity of thought and clarity of mind, I'm a big proponent for, daily reading and, and setting goals and gratitude because, one of the, one of the principles of my, of my practice is that gratitude is a key to happiness. And so understanding that those practices daily are key for your emotional wellbeing for your spiritual wellbeing, but then also the physical, you know, just daily habits of eating well, drinking water, getting your body, moving, whatever that looks like, you know, recognizing that these are all really, really, really important getting outside. Oh my gosh, I don't think we, we minimize the value of just stepping outside, getting outside, getting into nature, you know, and, and allowing fresh air and sunlight and those things to just rejuvenate us. Cause there's something really powerful about nature and just being outside, you know, if you live in the city, go to the park, go for a walk, you know, get outdoors because it's just one of those ways that we're all naturally filled back up.  

Jessica Fox: And so one of the practices that I teach in my, in my coaching practice as actually, an assistant and I put together. It's a 31 day foundational practice routine where I guide, I guide my clients through the course of 31 days where they get to practice every day, setting the foundation for their day through visualization, meditation, and prayer. Goal-setting gratitude, all of those things so that they get into the habit because let's be really real self care is also a habit. And so over the course of 31 days, creating the habit of learning, how to focus our heart and your mind on the life that we want to create. Because I believe another principle of my coaching practice is that we are the conscious creators of our life. And so there's intention and specificity. And what is it that I want to create What is God speaking to me today that I need to take action on and learning how to slow down enough to give ourselves the moment to be fed, to learn and allow that inner transformation to happen, but also to take that what's going on in, or on the inside, because what's on the inside, comes out and start creating our day.  

Jessica Fox: And so this, this practice that was called 31 Rise. And, and it's really about, yeah, learning over the course of 31 days. How do I start consciously creating my life. But more than that, who am I? 31 Rise is based on with Proverbs 31 woman who, for those of you who are Bible people, she's this ancient woman at the end of the book of Proverbs in the Bible. And she's amazing, you know, she's got three different businesses. She's ridiculously wealthy, she's got amazing relationships with her husband and children. She's a pillar in the community. And here's this, this shining example of, of a healthy entrepreneurial mom and wife who is making a difference. And, and there's so many lessons about who she is and, and to be able to take that on and recognize that that is as, as women, sorry, gentlemen. Who we are as well, and allow that truth to transform us over the course of 31 days, as we develop the ability to take who God has created us to be. And then put that into the work that we're doing in all aspects of our life, because it's not just about business, but it's about our whole lives. Self care is about our whole lives, you know, and, and being able to walk in that truth and allow it to transform us.  Jessica Fox: So yeah, I do daily 31 Rise and, it's a practice. I teach my clients as well.  

Liz Clifton: I love it. Yeah. And I love that you take the 31 days. Because then really those little tiny baby steps at the end of that 31 days, it's become part of who you are.  

Jessica Fox: Absolutely yeah.  

Liz Clifton: Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.  

Jessica Fox: Absolutely.  

Liz Clifton: So , thinking about yourself when you are celebrating yourself. So you're celebrating your wins. What are the things that you do for absolute joy for you?  

Jessica Fox: Oh my gosh. I'm so glad you asked me this. I, where I live, there is, a food truck that sells the best snow cones I ever had in my life. And so anytime I'm celebrating a win, I'm like, guess what everybody who's up for snow cones. Oh my goodness. I love, love, love it. And so my kids get snow cones a lot. Yeah, so, I love, yes, snow cones that's the big one. Or, you know, and just play, oh my gosh, we minimize the importance of play and just getting out and doing something fun. So sometimes it's going for a hike. I live in a really green nature, area. So it could be, you know, going for a hike. But yeah, no, we celebrate with snow cones a lot.  

Liz Clifton: Love, love, love it. I haven't  had one. Oh my gosh in like, years. It's. yeah. I get to make them with the little one. Yeah. Is there like, is there kind of a thing from your childhood that relates into that, that makes it such a celebration. Or is it something that you've established with your own kiddos?  

Jessica Fox: No, not, not that I can, not from my childhood per se. you know, when we, so, you know, we actually moved over 2000 miles a couple of years ago. From Canada into the us. And, this food truck was one of the first things we found when we moved down here, we were exploring the area. We were going for a walk, in our new neighborhood and came across the snow cone food truck. And so we were like, Hey, like, let's try it. And it was just, they were amazing. So it's actually a new tradition in our family. And it's been, so huge, since we moved here that it's become something special.  

Liz Clifton: That's beautiful. And that was such a transformation away, but for you, that huge move. So that makes complete sense. It's like a celebration of that step of faith that you take away.  

Jessica Fox: Exactly.  

Liz Clifton: I love it. It's given me like chills. Amazing. so thinking about somebody who's coming at south calf for the very first time, where would you suggest they begin?  

Jessica Fox: it starts with the decision that you are important to, no matter what you are doing in your life. That sense of me time is the most important hour or two of the day. And it's what is going to sustain you no matter what, like it is a non-negotiable. And, and ultimately, if you are struggling with holding to that me time. You really need to do the inner work to figure out what is blocking you from honoring your body. Like, like we are, we are amazing people. We are amazing creatures, but we have this physical body that has limits. And we have to honor that limit. If we want to, if we want to run this race in the long run and so need to understand that our limits honor those limits. And then if we are having an issue. Like if you're on the edge of burnout, it's time to take a deep breath and say, okay, what's going on within me that keeps driving me pass by limits. Like we have to do the work to understand what's going on and why we keep pushing ourselves. Because that's how awareness is always the first type of transformation. And we have to ask those ourselves those hard questions so that we can honor that time and that, and that self-care.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah, I love it. So true. And it's the same as any landing or any transformation is you get to be aware and acknowledge where you are.  

Jessica Fox: Yes.  

Liz Clifton: To be able to then head towards where you want to go. Yeah. That's amazing. Well, thank you so, so much for sharing your time. And I know that it's super early where you are, so I'm super grateful for you being able to fit us in, in this time for you.  

Jessica Fox: 100% yes.  

Liz Clifton: And was there anything extra that you would like to share with the audience  

Jessica Fox: Yes. So I talked about 31 Rise, and so what I would love to do is that anybody who has participated in this. We are going to give you a link and I'm going to gift you 31 Rise. So if you were to go to my website, it's $31, but it's going to be my gift to anybody who is participating today. Because I do believe in the power of 31 rise, as well as the importance of establishing and creating that habit for the daily transformation. So I want to give you that gift and, allow you to really begin that transformational journey. So just register with the link and then you're going to get a coupon code to get it for free.  

Liz Clifton: That's amazing. Thank you so much.  

Jessica Fox: Yeah absolutely.  

Liz Clifton: And that gets to support, you know, so many people.  

Jessica Fox: Absolutely yes.  

Liz Clifton: You're such a lovely, generous lady, so grateful for you.  

Jessica Fox: Likewise Liz it's been wonderful.  

Liz Clifton: Amazing . Thank you for the amazing Jessica.  Jessica Fox: Awww you guys, thank you so much for listening in. I hope this was helpful for you.  Liz Clifton: I know it will be. I know it will. You're amazing.