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Shari Braendel & Liz Clifton Interview

Shari Braendel
CEO and Founder of Fashion Meets Faith
Speaker, Author & Fabulously Fun Fashionista!

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Shari Braendel & Liz Clifton Interview Transcription:

Liz Clifton: Hi welcome is my absolute great pleasure and honor to introduce the amazing Shari Braendel Founder of The Color Code System and The Closet Outfit Planner, plus author of Help Me, Jesus! I have nothing to wear! It is an absolute honor to have you here today.  

Shari Braendel: Thank you, Liz. My pleasure to be here.  

Liz Clifton: Thank you and looking, absolutely stunning as well. I have to say, I kind of thought I was like, oh my gosh, should I get like really done up,  and then I was like I don't know. I've literally just jumped out the shower. I'm going to come be authentic. This is me.  

Shari Braendel: How you have to be absolutely. And you know what, if I came with my hair pulled back, it wouldn't be authentic. So here we are.  

Liz Clifton: I love it! Yeah, it's beautiful. Just love it. Love it. Okay. So first question. What does self-care mean to you?  

Shari Braendel: Self care is like a cruise, which I should go on. And so which I should have some more self care. How about that self care to me means really paying attention to, my exercise, my diet, my water intake, my sleep. All of which I'm just kind of sometimes really great at and sometimes just not so great at. So yeah, taking care of myself in a way that honors me honors, who I am honors the business that I have my family. And I think it's so important and, and many of us just don't do it.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah. That's beautiful. And do you find that things are different when you do take time for yourself care and then when the busy-ness comes and you perhaps forget to be taking care of yourself as well?  

Shari Braendel: Absolutely. Absolutely. I think the place where I fall down the most is in eating, right. Like if I'm on a regular schedule, I've got, I know exactly what I eat. I have it kind of planned out, but then when I'm on the road or I'm traveling. I just tend to, and if I'm not, sometimes it can be very good about it, very disciplined. But there are other times when I just like, whew, fall prey to what's on the menu, you know, it's like, oh, I think I'll have those. And then I feel horrible, but it, but it doesn't take me. It's usually not that first bad decision. It's usually second or the third. And I tend to just because I guess it's just the way my, the way I roll. Is I'm I kinda like, it's all or nothing, baby, you know. And so if I'm going to eat all the carbs, but eat all the carbs. And so if I'm going to, if I'm going to work out for a week, I'm going to work out for a week. And then if I don't it's a month, you know, so, so yeah. And then it catches up to you and not good.  

Liz Clifton: Oh, bless you. Thank you for sharing. I'm being honest as well, because I think we all face those moments were really great. And like you said, we're planning it and then we come off the plan and things get a bit trickier. Yeah. Yeah. So thinking about your kind of self-care and checking in with yourself, do you do that on a daily basis. Like to see how you're doing like mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and obviously physically we we've touched on?  

Shari Braendel: Do I check in every day. No, I don't check in every day. I pray because I'm, I would be considered a workaholic. However, the one thing I'm very faithful about, it's very rare that I miss my time with God in the morning. Like my sit down, pull my Bible out my journal, even if I don't do anything, except listen to worship music and put it on cat on my lap. You know, and have a cup of coffee and hand. I I'm, I'm real. And, and, but the days very rare, but the days that I don't do that, I go astray probably on everything else as well. And so, but checking in, no, no, I don't. In fact, I just met with my, my leadership consultant last week and she was mostly concerned that I wasn't sleeping. She's like, okay, so why aren't you sleeping. You know. And so it was like, oh, you just don't even think about that as self-care, but it is you're the expert. So it is, but yeah.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah, yeah. And I think for a lot of people, it's the very first place we get to start. Yeah. Because when stuff's getting busy and we're getting overwhelmed and like you said, workaholic. Like many, many of us really plow into our work and then we're working really long hours and our seat gets to small and smaller. Yeah.  

Shari Braendel: Then we lay in bed and think about what we need to do tomorrow or what we should have done today. Or, oh, I forgot to send that email or yeah. That, yeah. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah.  

Shari Braendel: Last night, just tell you last night, I Mondays are my long, long day. So I don't know what day this is recording, but it was a Monday and they're my long days. I go from early until I usually end up hosting two different things on Monday nights. And I was so tired. I could hardly drag myself from my office to my bedroom, which are in the same house. Right. But I got in, I put in music and my air pods put a mask on my eyes. Like a sleep mask and I never wear it. I just wanted it black. And I laid down in bed. I don't even know when I fell asleep. I was exhausted and we never want to get to that point. I think it's not good. And for some reason I just happened to be there. So your topic is very timely.  

Liz Clifton: Awwww. Yeah. And I think that was one of my biggest things. When I began to realize that my self care mattered. Sleep was the first thing I started to tackle. Yeah. And I began to get into like a, an evening routine. So that even if I had all these things going on in my head, I started to either speak them out loud or write them down or pray and just pass it back over to God. Because that's how that kind of works for me. But others could just, you know, do a voice note to themselves, say it to a friend, you know, but just get it out of you.  

Shari Braendel: That's good. I receive that. I'll take that advice.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah let me know how that works.  

Shari Braendel: I will, yeah. What I, what I have to do, because it's funny because when I'm in hotels, I can sleep really well. But when I'm at a hotel, it's typically because I'm on the road, they're either speaking or for some part of my business. Right. But I can make it really dark. I can I bring a fan, usually you put a fan on. But when I'm home, my husband likes no noise. No, there can be light on in the room. He does not care. And I'm like this, like, you know, like I want to put blankets up over the, over the curtains. I want to turn on a fan, but he doesn't like that. And so yeah, help me with that one Liz.  

Liz Clifton: I can, and I will gift you a free strategy session. So we can do a strategy call and we can set up so that rather than thinking, you need the fan to get to sleep, we can put a new strategy in. So that your subconscious, your unconscious can go into that separate strategy and that you can then get to sleep without that.  

Shari Braendel: Oh, okay. Then. 

Liz Clifton:  And then you can like feedback and that people know how it, how it went for you.  

Shari Braendel: Okay.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah. That would be cool. There you go put myself on the spot there.  

Shari Braendel: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. That's so good.  

Liz Clifton: Amazing. yeah. Cause I found these kinds of things, like really helpful. So you mentioned about like journaling, you know, along with your, your Bible study in that, in the mornings. So what has been your experience of that?  

Shari Braendel: Oh, I have been journaling for years, years, years I have, oh, I don't know, probably a hundred journals. I get a new journal every single year. So I haven't been around for a hundred years. So I probably don't have a hundred, close, but sometimes I'll go through multiple journals in a year. So there you go. But I, some times I just talk about what I'm grateful for. Always less letters to God, you know, talk, you know, and just, yeah, I just do it's. I am a very creative person. As a matter of fact, just today I was meeting with, our technology gal, who does all the backend parts of our, our business. And she said, you know, I really want you to put, is it okay with you If you put everything in a word doc. Instead of doing it on the platform that we use. And I said, no, because I can be creative in the moment with all the creative things that are around the photos, the color. If I'm working off of a word doc, it does nothing for me. I don't even know what I'm, why I'm writing that section, whatever. So she's like, okay. Alrighty then.  

Liz Clifton: So yeah, I love it. And I think because people work in such different ways. So especially if she's supporting on like the backend that's, she could potentially be very logical and it's all kind of laid out and obviously you have beautifully creative. And like that's a huge part of yourself. So that's how it flows. Yeah. Yeah. It's really fun. And I think one of the favorite things I do with like content is that I'll kind of speak it out, or I might video it. And then just use some software to then put it into like the words. So you don't always have to be typing up.  

Shari Braendel: Yeah. That's good. That's good.  

Liz Clifton: You get a bit of both.  

Shari Braendel: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. For sure.  

Liz Clifton: So thinking about self care over your whole life, what's your very fast memory of self-care?  

Shari Braendel: Wow. Liz shouldn't I don't even know. Oh my goodness. my very first memory of self-care what a great question. Okay. Those of you who are listening. She's asking me this on the spot. So I am trying to come up with the answer, but I really want to be, I gotta think about this is such a great question. My first, so yeah. Wow. I don't want to say, I don't know, even though I know right this second. But I'm gonna, I gotta think on this. Would it have been now I was going to say, what would it, no, I don't know if you can edit some of this out because  y'all like me. I just don't know. Wow. Well, one thing that just came to mind, I had never, and I don't know if this would be considered self care. You'll have to tell me this is probably this probably is it. When I lived in Miami, Florida, I hardly had any money. Like I graduated from college and had like zero money, none, none. And you know, just trying to make ends meet. Right. But I had gotten my nails done one time and loved the way it felt. And so I found this Cuban woman who worked out of her house because a friend had taken me there and it was like $5 or $4 to get my nails done. And I would go every single week and she would feed me dinner, this wonderful Cuban woman. Cause she knew I was a starving young woman, single woman. And she would feed me Cuban black beans and rice. And oh my gosh, she taught me, you know, how to, how to order, Cuban coffee with milk it's cafe cubano con espuma. And so, so I learned how to do that. Yeah, I guess it was that. I think, I guess that would be it.  

Liz Clifton: Ooh, I love it. And it's got someone else's like love and care and support in there. So it's not just your self care. It's she's taking care of you too. 

 Shari Braendel: Roberta was her name. Yeah.  

Liz Clifton: Thank you. Thank you for sharing that.  

Shari Braendel: Thank you for asking the question. It took me back. So that's amazing.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah. I love it. I love how you completely brightened up even extra. You were glowing. That's so great. That's so great to keep that memory knit to it when you're getting busy think back to that. Yeah. I love it. And so now how has your self care changed to what you would do for yourself now?  

Shari Braendel: I would say now, and this is an easy one for me to answer because of my workaholic self. Because I really, I am a self-proclaimed workaholic. And I'm not super proud of that because, but it is what it is. It's just just is. I would say that in a part of that out of need my husband, when we first got married, had a back injury. And he had an ended up not getting disability, but also couldn't work. And so for the last while we've been married 24 years. So for the last 24 years, I've been the one who's had to figure out a way to make money. And so he's been a great support along the way. And he's done amazing things for our business and you know, the Lord always has a plan. Right. And so, but I've always had to be like, okay, how am I going to figure this out.  

Shari Braendel: We gotta make money. All right. So one of the things though, is that because of the way I'm wired. I have a sister who lives in an hour from me and she is the complete opposite of me. And if you guys watch my YouTube channel ever. She's the one I took shopping in July on. And, and she's hilarious. But when I go to her house and my husband knows. He's like, you need to go to Wendy's when I go to her house, I do nothing. I don't bring my computer. We sit and we can binge watch movies all day long. We'll just get food, eat cake, even though we shouldn't probably, drink coffee. Just, we might go shopping. We might be typically, we are just bingeing in our chairs. We have like little chairs and watch. And that's where I go to have a break. So I don't have a breakdown. I go to her house and, it's really been a lifesaver for me over the last, you know, many, many years. So yeah, that's what I do now.  

Liz Clifton: I love it. And actually there's kind of essences elements of that. Which tie back to your very fast self care experience where she's feeding you and she's taking care of you.  

Shari Braendel: You're good. That's amazing. What a good look I'm going to cry. What a great, that's a connection. Oh my gosh. I would never have put those two pieces together. So, so I guess I like to be fed. You know, and have my nails done. You know, it's funny. I don't even get my nails done. Now. These are actually press on $6 at like Walmart. because I don't have the patience to sit. And I guess, because they're not feeding me, I knew there wasn't a great outcome at the end. Like, oh, get my nails done and they're going to feed me too, but that doesn't happen. So yeah, I just don't have the patience for that. Like, I'll get my pedicure, but I won't get my nails done. So.  

Liz Clifton: Ooh, that's really beautiful. And I, I think kind of drawing on what you're loving and what's really bringing you joy in those moments. You can give yourself some of that self care, like every day.  It's so  Liz Clifton: beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. 

Shari Braendel: You're welcome. Thanks for asking. Yeah. And I think it's one of those things. Like we get to show ourselves that level of like love and self-care and really treat ourselves and the way that those wonderful people have treated, you, you get to treat you that way too.  Yeah. I got to figure out how to do that. But I do, I have actually started cooking, which is amazing and I've never cooked before my husband always does our cooking. So that's been a wonderful thing, but I've realized that it's kind of like, I can be creative with the air fryer because that's the only thing I use in there. But it's kind of fun for me. Like I don't think about work because I can be in there and cook and look up Pinterest recipes and things. So that's been kind of fun.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah. I love that. Yeah. And definitely like experiment with that because there's, there's definitely a connection that you said with the food and the provision. And just that you just get, you get to make it and then relax and enjoy it. Yeah. I'm excited for you.  

Shari Braendel: So fun.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah. I love it. And yeah, you get to have that joy. There's like celebrations of yourself every day.  

Shari Braendel: Yeah, absolutely.  

Liz Clifton: That's beautiful. So if you were to be speaking to someone who's never done any self-care in their lives at all. How would you, suggest that they could begin?  

Shari Braendel: Well, I think they need to, yeah. I would, I would say 15 minutes a day. Even if it's just to go outside and just stand in the sun for 15 minutes and just kind of breathe in what's outside. Just, you know, that, or go, you know, if you've never had your nails done and you just sort of like, oh, I don't want to do that. Then go get some press ons, you know. Just go do something that you're like, oh, I wouldn't spend the money on that. And these are $6, you know. So it's not expensive, or do something different. I mean, something you can do at home though certainly is, you know, go outside and stand in the sun. Or maybe even pick, you know, you're going to drink five glasses of water today. Something that maybe have not done because I heard that you're supposed to drink like half your body weight in ounces. And so, you know, just start with something start somewhere, but that's what I would say.  

Liz Clifton: Yeah. I love it. The baby steps they can manage for sure.  

Shari Braendel: Absolutely.  

Liz Clifton: That's amazing. I'm so, so grateful for you spending the time you know to share your experiences.  

Shari Braendel: Thank you. Well, you're good at this. Oh my goodness. I'm like never thought about that. No, so that's fantastic. Happy to be here so happy to be.  

Liz Clifton: Thank you so much.  

Shari Braendel: You're welcome.  

Liz Clifton: Woooo absolutely my pleasure. Yeah, I am so, so grateful. And and you have something to share with the audience as well.  

Shari Braendel: Right, well, so I don't know if you all could tell. I guess I'm in, by being founder, of the closet outfit planner and the color code system. I'm in the style business and fashion business. And so if you've never had your colors done and you've always wanted to know what colors look best on you. I have a free color analysis site. And so all you need to do is go to Super easy and take a free color test. So go check it out. It's fun. And we get a lot of people taking that test every day. So go on over and check that out and hope you find out what colors are. Good.  

Liz Clifton: Thank you so much. And I will absolutely have the link like below, so it's really easy for people. Yeah. Thank you so much.  

Shari Braendel: My pleasure, my honor, to be here with you. Thank you. Wonderful, great interview. And so I I'm happy for all the other guests that get to do what I just got to do.  

Liz Clifton: Thank you so much.  

Shari Braendel: Hello to all of you listeners who are out there. So I'm just glad that I could do this.