Self Care: Create Calm Confidence

Discover why self-care is important for you today

Welcome to the take34u Self Care Series: Creating Calm Confidence. Click on the Expert Speakers below to share their fantastic selfcare interviews, stories and top self-care tips.

With so much love and gratitude for You exactly as you are right now, 
Your host Liz Clifton xx

Founder of Connect with Source, Clarity & Confidence Coach, No.1 Best selling Author

Founder of Clarity at Work, Master Coach

Temple Spa Consultant

NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner

Owner & Integrative Health & Wellness Coach at Restorative Acupuncture Clinic

Healthy eating & lifestyle coach, No.1 Best selling Author

Owner and Founder at Xplain Limited

Kinesiologist Exercise Therapist, Lifestyle &  Transformational  Coach

Founder of The Me Project,  Certified Personal Trainer

Business Strategist and coach Mastermind

Former GP NLP Trainer + Coach helping people self sabotaging/stuck in business and PTSD 

Master Coach/Mentor at Lisa M Crofton, Master Intuitive Coach & Mentor, Author, Speaker

Owner KLS Professional Cleaning, Reflexologist, NLP Practitioner

Vice President of Sales - HeartCore Business

Co- Founder of Photoportrayal

CEO and Corrective Exercise Specialist at Tracy Rodriguez, CES

Collector of Wisdom to share with you

Transformational Calmness Coaching for Sensitive Dogs

Business Coach

Empowerment Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Spiritual Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach, Author, Teacher

Positive Dog Trainer

Somatic Sex Educator, Bodyworker at Eva Blake: Liberating Desire

Growth Business Mentor and Trainer for Female Founders

Turning food-loving 
C-suite execs into sucuessful franchisees, No. 1 Best selling Author

Founder of 
The Family Dog

Arbonne Consultant

Family Photographer

Artist, poet, classical teacher & coach for classical teachers, Founder Paideia Fellowship.

Social Media and Business Coach at Social Treats

Postpartum Doula and Family Advocate.

Alexander Technique Teacher, Posture Coach, Dancer, Owner of Movement Republic

Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's Wellness Coach

Social Impact Artist, Reiki & Mindfulness Coach

Speaker including TED, No.1 Best Selling Author, Coach

Founder at Meanings Over Milestones, No.1 Best selling Author

Author/Speaker/Style Expert at Fashion Meets Faith

Founder & CEO at Rewiring Minds

Founder of Canine Confidence - Building confidence at both ends of the lead

Founder and Canine Behavioural Practitioner at Praise and Paw Dog Training

Founder at Find Your Mojo Coaching

Spiritual Fairy Witch Coach & Mentor, Founder Spiritual Sisters Collective & Academye

Transitions Coach & Owner at Lisa Joy Stromsmoe

Founder, Director, CEO at Emergency Action Planning LLC

Author, Speaker, Business Growth Strategist & Clarity Coach

CEO Dilyana Holistic Healing Academy